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Change than simple modification xenon lamp plus lens headlight assembly more let a person worry


With the development of the automobile, the innovation of lights, a growing number of car owners are not satisfied with the original car headlight brightness because it is too dark, is what causes, generally only two, is the light bulb not bright or reflective bowl is concentrated, so the solution is simple, high brightness light bulbs or change a set of HID xenon lamp. But reflective bowl is concentrated, also of no help, change again bright light bulb will be worse, disorderly scattered light sway on the opposite side of man could not see you, let you also at risk. This time some of the owners can choose to manually add such as hella, Dr, small si brands such as lens, but the manual did not imagine so perfect, always bring water leakage, the quality of instability, etc.

So, have a HID lamps are high quality with projection lens assembly more let a person worry, convenient. Use lens type lamp holder compared with traditional lamp holder of headlight lamps with uniform brightness, strong penetrating power, the less light is lost.

Lens can be divided into two kinds: single photon lens and double optical lens.

Single photon lens: can only achieve function or in function, low generally use halogen bulbs or xenon lamp.

Double light lens: can achieve low beam and upper beam functions at the same time, through the lens inside the solenoid valve to mobilize shade, can realize the distance light switch! When shade closed, is low, when open the shade, near and far light shines out! Installed double optical lens is also implemented a xenon bulbs on the two kinds of function of upper beam and the low beam. High-end cars usually have double light through the mirror of BMW, Mercedes, audi, and so on.

Why will double xenon headlamps light lens

The original simple adapted HID headlight assembly, due to the position of the light source changes, the original car reflective bowl cannot very good condenser, makes the lamps light scatter and especially the lights change of H4 telescopic xenon lamp is absolutely undesirable. Other HID, with strong light, high temperature, easy to form a dazzling phenomenon, so for the H7, H1, 9005, 9006 and other types of simple headlight switch to HID is the existence of a certain security hidden danger. Change of HID at the same time in front of the light source to increase the double optical lens can effectively improve the headlight condenser performance, increase lamplight illuminate width and distance, improve the visual effect, reduce long overnight train eye fatigue, also does not destroy the other driver line of sight, etc. These are all improve driving safety.

At the same time, the double optical lens to make your headlights realized in the case of using a set of xenon lamp is a xenon lights and light effect. So in order to save worry doesn't appear the quality problem of the unnecessary waste of time, more security, proposed that a single change xenon lamp lens, or not to choose car xenon headlamps assembly dedicated integration to reality.

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