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Domestic and foreign automobile lamps and lanterns quality difference


Common on the market of lamps and lanterns, basically divided into two pie, homebred lamp occupies a low price, imported light became a synonym for burn bag. Quality of the lamps and lanterns of domestic and imported quality differences between the lamps and lanterns, mainly displays in the following three aspects:

The accuracy of a type, light

Domestic light reflection bowl, majority is not the shape of the obtained by computer aided design, instead of using the model of rolling over, directly from the molding product piracy, for more details, there are few manufacturers really to in-depth study. For light lamps and lanterns, a type of light depends not only on reflection bowl final design, also includes the lens part (in the front of the headlights transparent glass cover or polyester). Will both fully appearance imitation is completely can be done, but when it comes to the refractive index of a lens and halogen filament with non point sources, light type precision is difficult to be a simple copy.

We know that the refractive index influences the light through the lens of the light direction; And the distance between the lens and reflection bowl, also directly affects the precision of the emergent light direction. Which is easy to be copied, but the lens depends on the refractive index of the material itself, this is not the analysis of the precision instrument, it is difficult to can completely copy.

Moreover, for we now commonly used light, halogen lamps, itself is not an ideal point source. As we all know, the length of the filament is, never use simple high school physics knowledge to deal with this kind of fold the reflections of the light source. If high school physics knowledge can be directly used to directly, we went to buy a ball of glass shell, cut in half, after reflection on the inner surface plating membrane, in its position, the lamp can be as a lamp.

To precise control of non point sources of the final light must rely on the professional cad software, the software of the filament after point light path calculation, take a look at the different position placement in filament light light in which overlay, was able to get the final design of light (which is why a lot of people found that after the installation of the HID light type divergence, HID light shines with halogen lamp can't completely overlap, it is usually a winding line, like lightning). Even when you are using a non-standard specifications produced light bulbs, can cause emergent light type and final design deviation between the type of light. A good lamps and lanterns, will let you win at its design light within the vast majority of luminous flux, and only a few luminous flux fall outside the design area.

Second, the reflection bowl coating ability of resistance to high temperature and oxidation resistance

Reflection bowl of coating, and its advantages and disadvantages, the size of the reflectance is the most intuitive feelings. Usually we now new buy headlights can achieve very good reflection effects, only on the surface of the light reflection bowl that part of the coating quality is poor can find a lot of bubbles, impurities, and raised the quality problem of the intuitively. Often normal quality products won't let you see this, because this kind of circumstance belongs to incomplete for general quality control system. But, really let us distinguish vice factory products, high quality products and is the immanent quality of reflective film.

Modern coating technology in order to save the production cost, and improve the efficiency of reflection, usually adopt aluminum film, and aluminum itself is very easy because long exposure in the air and oxidized, form the reflective aluminum oxide layer; At the same time in order to make the coating to metal base joint is firm and reflection bowl, usually adopts high polymer material to do. Polymer materials by ultraviolet light, will rapidly aging, resulting in a reflection bowl of bleaching. But that does not represent our existing reflection bowl will be sun exposure causes aging, that ultraviolet (uv) for polymer material is a drizzle came down, really make it rapidly aging ultraviolet light source, is precisely we let the lamps and lanterns to provide lighting light source - the light bulb. We use now is not a single wavelength of light source, that its wavelength is continuous, but we are invisible to the naked eye areas of the infrared and ultraviolet light, and many big production of light source are noted: UVcut.

Coating another internal quality performance in the high temperature on the performance of the heat that itself of lamps and lanterns (of course this also and design related).

The halogen lamp belongs to the thermoluminescence, we use the normal work of the filament temperature is at 2000 degrees Celsius, in the confined space of lamps and lanterns, the air inside the lamps and lanterns of heat source can be heated to above 150 degrees, and continuous light waves in the infrared part, also need through the coating reflex (reflectivity is impossible to reach 100%), three kinds of heat conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer model to coating heating, long continuous heating can let a phoney and li kui show his true colors. I've used domestic fog lamps products, not a product after 10 hours of driving at night, keep their coating on its reflection bowl, on the base of and adhesion strong, only a small area of foaming phenomenon, is the quality of products.

Three, lens of impact resistance, light transmittance and temperature shock resistance ability

So-called lamps and lanterns in front of the lens is a transparent cover, usually use two kinds of materials: glass and polyester. Polyester product's biggest advantage is its impact resistance, gravel road surface by vehicle tires rolled up stones avalanche and windshield glass chimney, afraid is a lot of car enthusiasts heartache, and polyester products encounter this situation, usually only leaves a little white pitting, or cracks appear a few very fine grain, and does not affect the whole lamp use.

In addition, the ability of resistance to temperature shock, polyester material is glass material, not after all glass of brittleness is far higher than that of polyester, when we walk with the lights on the road after a rain, if the glass quality closes nevertheless, simple to wipe the wet towel to light, and will bring endless trouble to you at the back of the journey, since the lamp surface will burst into several pieces. Light transmittance glass material in lasting stability is better than that of polyester material, if polyester material quality closes nevertheless, aging will be in a very short period of time (six months to a year), the lens color yellow and bleaching, while glass is not affected by outside conditions such as uv, continue to maintain its original transparency. Also pay attention to the students need to pay attention to light the light type, is not the same size and polyester glass lens can replace directly, because it is even the same pattern, both two materials refractive index difference can cause light changes.

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