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The LED into the automobile industry into mainstream automotive lighting development


Transportation lighting as important application in the field of LED as lighting source market, at present, the LED has been applied to the car inside and outside, especially in car interior lighting, the application of Color LED is already very mature, such as used in the dashboard, backlight lighting switch, auto reading lamp or looked up and display system, etc., or the car using "on-demand selection" (Color - on - Demand function, allow automakers to Color through the use of their own special recognition, distinguish with other competitors, or the use of Color to distinguish the various series of products.

Seven of the advantages of LED lights

Incandescent light bulbs, LED lamp with more significant advantages. It is a long service life, general can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of hours. Some people think that if the car of the future use of LED lights, the whole car service life without replacement lamps and lanterns. Two is very energy efficient, than the same brightness of incandescent lamp energy saving at least more than half. Third, light quality, basically no radiation, belong to the "green light". Around four is LED structure is simple, with transparent epoxy resin sealing, good seismic performance. Five is not hot start-up time, light response speed (nanoseconds), used for fast moving objects. Six is applied voltage between 6 and 12 volt, completely can be applied in the car. Seven is the LED take up small volume, the designers are free to transform mode of lamps and lanterns, the automobile modeling diversification. Auto makers favor of LED, completely is the advantages of LED itself in the auto industry in the future.

The development of LED lights

Car also has a growing external application, brake lights, tail lights and turn light, back light, high brake lights LED, has been applied the brake lights, tail lights and high brake lights larger application. In vehicle headlamps lighting, due to high power leds, restricted by technology and the LED performance, especially in the field of optical, electronic control, thermal management, also has the certain difficulty to popularize it will take three to five years time, the industry is only applied in some high-end luxury cars started. In addition to the common used tail lights, high brake lights, etc., may large-scale application of LED lights, back light, in the near future. In 2010, the domestic LED auto lamps and lanterns of the size of the market could be more than 1 billion yuan, five years is likely to form the output value of 3 billion yuan a year. In 2009, according to iSuppli released "2010 LED project", by 2013 around 95% of new car will be in one or more rear lights using LED lighting.

LED lights and traditional lamps and lanterns price have bigger difference, such as a high-grade cars, incandescent lamp combined taillight 120 yuan/set, LED taillight combination will be expected to 210 yuan/set. So the LED prices have fallen sharply, constantly improve the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation technology increasingly improved is LED auto lamps and lanterns is the main focus of future development. Although there are still some problems to be solved, but the LED is small in size, vibration resistance, energy saving, long life and other advantages, at the same time give the designer a broader space, all of these are elements increase LED application, both inside and outside the car. With ever increasing product technology, product range is expanding, the car to safety, intelligent direction. Automobile lamps and lanterns to intelligent lighting system will also, artistic lamp products, green lights products direction.

Application market sales of LED auto lamps and lanterns, about 10% growth each year, but the proportion of domestic LED auto lamps and lanterns is not high. LED using quantity larger models focused on the high side car companies, and these motors are generally limited on the LED brand, LED domestic enterprises is difficult to enter the supply chain.

Additional domestic LED compared with the international well-known brands, in life and uniformity of sorting problems may be a bit more, at the same time, the car itself heavily regulated market of lamps and lanterns, the threshold is higher, the car as a luxury consumer goods, with a one-on-one customer after sales, any quality problems will cause complaints, domestic LED didn't have a chance to this market long-term large-scale experience, it is difficult to reach the standard vehicle LED. Automobile lamps and lanterns is very specialized fields, to do well the LED auto lamps and lanterns, whether enterprise or the LED auto lamps and lanterns, it alone can be difficult, companies need auto lamps and lanterns and LED enterprises to fully communication, especially in the LED the development of automobile headlamps.

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