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Car headlights how to choose? Why LED is become the preferred??


What is the characteristics of three kinds of lamp?

Halogen bulbs (English: halogen lamp), referred to as halogen bubble or halogen lamps, also known as tungsten halogen bulbs, quartz bulb, is a variant of incandescent bulbs.

Principle is inside the bulb halogen gas such as injection of iodine or bromine, under high temperature, the sublimation of chemistry with halogen tungsten filament, tungsten will be cooled to solidification on tungsten filament, form balanced circle, avoid premature tungsten filament fracture. So the halogen bulbs live longer than incandescent bulbs.

Xenon lamp, also called HID in the field of auto lamp gas discharging type head lamp. Is wrapped in a quartz tube high pressure xenon instead of the traditional tungsten filament, which provide higher color temperature, more lighting. The adoption of high voltage electric current activated xenon xenon lamp is formed by a bunch of electric arc, can be sustained glow discharge between two electrodes.

Ordinary cars tungsten filament bulbs reach 55 watt of power, and only 35 watt xenon lamp, reduce nearly 1 and a half. Xenon lamp can obviously alleviate the burden of vehicle power system. Car xenon lamp color temperature between 4000 k to 4000 k, far higher than ordinary car headlight bulb. Its high brightness, 4300 k xenon lamp light color to white, yellow, and due to the low color temperature, visual effect is yellow, the light of the penetration is stronger than the high color temperature of light, can improve the driving safety of night and fog weather.

LED: using something called a light-emitting diode, this thing is can convert electric power into visible light solid state semiconductor devices. Directly to the DianZhuan into the light. This is the leds luminous principle.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of light?

Halogen lamp: structure is unitary, the manufacturing cost is low, the light is evener, at the time of rain and snow day, stronger air-penetration. But the brightness is limited, the color of light yellow. Life is not short, but less than xenon and LED, is advantage!

Xenon lamp: brightness is high, long life, and the sun light shine a more similar! Xenon lamp, however, requires a certain amount of time to light up, the structure is relatively complex.

LED lights, LED special power, has long service life, light up faster. But the cost of the LED lamp is generally high, once appear problem, the repair will become a problem.

How should choose?

Actually the ordinary halogen lamp is enough to satisfy our daily lighting needs. Many friends and tell his own halogen lamp for xenon lamp, feel more handsome. Do more bright! But some of the xenon lamp is really silly. The opposite of hard to open eyes. So bad instead. LED lights, if you have money, then choose a LED, etc. More environmental protection, the result is right also, why not do it!

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